Healthy eating starts here.

Food is medicine. Learn to use it wisely.

My name is Lisa Mase, and I am your culinary medicine guide. I tailor food-based cleanses and nutritional recommendations to your dietary needs and health goals.

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Let me help you find vibrant health.

Let me help you find vibrant health.

HEAL YOURSELF with food as medicine. 

Do you have an intestinal disorder, chronic pain, inflammation, allergies, or mood swings?

Are you ready to be well once and for all?

Food plays a crucial role in your healing and continued well-being.

I can help you to make wholesome, satisfying food choices.

Find optimal health and balanced energy with food as medicine. From weekly menu plans and prepared meals to food-based cleanses and culinary medicine consultations, I offer education and guidance on the path to well-being.

Practice mindfulness. enjoy the art of cooking. savor food. 

You will feel less stressed and learn to cook and eat according to the seasons and your body type. 

If  you’re exhausted, unhappy with your weight, suffering from a chronic condition, or needing to change your eating habits, food as medicine is for you.

After a decade of healing from chronic parasites, anxiety and depression, an eating disorder, and food allergies, I took my health into my hands with food as medicine. I have never been better. 

Thank you for teaching me the art of cooking as a way to be mindful and stay healthy with food as medicine. Everyone needs access to these skills.
— Annie M.